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She-Is is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to providing a supportive environment for young girl survivors of sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We inspire young girls between the ages of 11-18 to re-gain control of their bodies, to overcome feelings of shame, anger, mistrust and betrayal, while reinforcing a new sense of pride in themselves. We do this through the healing power of dance.


Sexual abuse is a silent epidemic that takes place throughout the United States and the world, creating social havoc for the children, adult survivors, and society. It can be prevented and the affects of sexual abuse can be treated with a conscious and sustained effort.


She-Is provides a support system by partnering with existing non profits and offering dance classes in various locations around the greater Los Angeles area and worldwide. Dance is an interconnection between body, mind, and spirit that can provide emotional, physical, and social support after life changing traumas. Dance has proven to be therapeutically effective through non-verbal expression of body and mind.  

Each class is geared towards creating self confidence, self-worth, inspiration, dignity, and most importantly, FUN. Through the experience of dance, we assure young girls that their unbreakable, confident power is from within. That same power is what defines them, not sexual abuse.

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