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As of 2014, we have traveled to various countries in South East Asia as well as Mexico and Haiti. Every time we travel it's an entirely unique experience but each one leaves us in awe of the girls' perseverance. She- Is works with organizations to bring joy and a sense of community back into the girls' lives or sometimes introduce it for the first time. 

Dance has been used therapeutically for thousands of years, including for those suffering from PTSD, which is a common side effect of sexual abuse. Dance brings a sense of freedom to explore and it gives the body a voice. It helps to bring out what's going on, on the inside. Then they start to see their bodies as something strong and beautiful. It transforms their view of themselves and breaks down their barriers. This allows them to build new relationships based on trust.


We dance, we talk, and we laugh a lot. By the end, they know they have been seen, accepted, and are no longer alone!

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