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Events Coordinator

Erin Melendez
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Erin Melendez is a New Jersey native and spent most of her childhood in her dance studio. Dance is where her heart is; it is the greatest outlet and form of expression.


Erin moved to California eleven years ago for school and soon began dancing for the, one and only, Los Angeles Lakers. For three years, she cheered the team on to two championships and traveled with them to perform in London and Barcelona. Her favorite aspect of the job was attending and participating in the charitable functions around all of Southern California.

Erin loves to laugh and cry with Ellen DeGeneres every Monday-Friday.  She truly admires Ellen for her humility and relentless need to give to those in need, as well as reward those who have shown true compassion themselves. Most importantly, Ellen encourages everyone to DANCE!  Erin lives by the famous ending quote of her show, “Be kind to one another”.  She believes those words are so important to remember and that the world would be a better place if people would try harder to exude that action throughout their daily lives.

Through SHE-IS and the art of dance, she hopes to bring ambition, confidence, and feelings of accomplishment to the lives of those who may have suffered. 

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