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Social Media / Marketing Director

Mina Huynh
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Mina Huynh was born and raised in the Bay Area. She began dancing at the age of 5, training in various technical styles! At 19, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her professional career in dance! Mina’s favorite part about the dance life is being able to perform, entertain, and make a positive impact on individuals' lives through her passion for dance! While living in LA, Mina has accomplished quite a few goals in a variety of categories! Her experiences include the medical field, social media, marketing, choreographer’s assistant, movement coaching, dance captain, manager at Millennium Dance Complex, tours, artist performances, and working with nonprofits to name a few!


Mina’s main purpose and mission in life is to spread love and light through helping others! She finds so much fulfillment in supporting, inspiring, and empowering others! Mina is honored to be part of the She-Is team! Although the world is a big place, she believes that as one person she cannot change the world, but she can change the world of one! There is potential to improve lives for generations to come with kindness and love!

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