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Michelle Alvarado
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Michelle Martins has been passionate about women's rights from a young age and believes in helping young girls find their own strength from within. She is a proud graduate of George Mason University with a double degree in Public Relations and Dance.

After college, Michelle worked in the marketing and public relations department for various companies. She now brings her knowledge of marketing to SHE-IS. Children and dancing have also been a large focus for Michelle. She has spread her joy of dance by teaching to children for over 13 years.


Michelle's talents have led her to a career in the entertainment industry as a professional stuntwoman, dancer, and actress. Credits include stunt doubling for Salma Hayek and Marisa Tomei and work on various film and tv shows including “Savages”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Criminal Minds”, “Jessie”, “The Mentalist”, and “Vegas”.


Michelle finds that stunt work and dance have allowed her to explore the balance between her strength and grace; a quality all women possess.

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